Data and Measurement and Performance: Baseball Anyone?

Data and Measurement and Performance: Baseball Anyone?

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A greater use of data on prospective customers. Development of a proprietary database. Significant increase in uploading intelligence into a database. Emphasis on real-time reports.

Excerpted from a recent news article, this sounds like a business-as-usual description of a company executing a data-based digital marketing strategy. Except in this case, this is no usual company. The excerpts are taken from an article describing how a major league baseball team discovered data and used it to transform their performance this year. We are talking about none other than the Chicago Cubs whose management hasushered in a new era where data-driven performance is being used to overcome a 107-year World Series drought. If there is a World Series Game 7this year, it will fall on the first day of ad:tech. Baseball and data may be equally discussed at the conference. Marketers attending ad:tech use data in many forms and for many purposes: for optimizing a lead form, measuring LTV, comparing front-end conversions across media vendors, for lead scoring, to optimize click-to-call execution, and much more.

At, our technology and managed service drive measurable performance for a range of advertisers across multiple verticals, including these:

  • Global media companies, for whom we optimize video views
  • Travel advertisers, for whom we optimize ROI on new bookings or CPA on actions
  • Insurance companies, who need optimization on front-end registration and back-end conversion
  • Consumer banking clients, who need optimized mobile click-to-call
  • E-tail advertisers, who need purchase optimization based on product segments
  • Education companies optimizing for enrollment

and many more. To learn more about how we drive measurable performance across multiple channels, come see us at ad:tech NY in November, and let’s talk a little baseball while you’re there.

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