A High Grade for Performance and Scale.

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The Challenge

A top online school enlisted to increase the number of enrollments.

Our Solution

Many lead aggregators and direct providers have extended their campaigns from traditional search to run with Taking advantage of a fully managed service, these advertisers have improved their overall search ROI, achieving scale while acquiring leads and students on keywords at PPCs significantly lower than traditional search.

For one provider,, over a 12-month period, drove leads at a cost that was 25% below the stated CPL goal. Against a goal of $40 CPL, the campaign performed at $30. For the 12-month period, the campaign generated over 10,000 leads. Key to the success was optimizing at a source level. The combination of SmartPricing,’s proprietary optimization technology that automates bidding, and a dedicated account manager, enabled the campaign to allocate spend to higher-converting sources with realtime optimization. 


For another education advertiser, the opportunity for was to take a test campaign and dramatically scale and increase the number of leads by more than 300%. Initially targeting fewer than 50 keywords and a trial set of courses, the advertiser moved to scale after a two-month period. 

The Account Management team faced a challenge to add and test new keywords, add additional campaigns, and target a 300% increase in leads. With a deep knowledge of bid ranges, effective keywords and sources, the team scaled the campaign and achieved a run rate that hit the 300% growth rate within 50 days of scaling the campaigns. 






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