Tips for Running an Effective Marketing Campaign During the Holiday Season

Tips for Running an Effective Marketing Campaign During the Holiday Season

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The holidays are the time of year to ramp up your business and end the year with a major return on investment. Here are some tips to make sure you take advantage of this upcoming, and pivotal holiday season. 

Define your Goals and Target Market

The holiday season is the most lucrative time of the year, so it is important to take advantage of this opportunity and start early. Create a set of achievable goals that fall in line with your marketing campaign. Some goals may include: follower growth, number of conversions per month, lead generation, holiday gifts or services, and running ads on social media or online marketplaces. It is recommended to create ads that will stand out during this crucial time of year and will also appeal to your target market. Define what types of people you are trying to target and what techniques you will use to catch their interest. This may include a free gift with purchase or a discount code during the holiday season. 

Decide on Your Budget and Channels You Want to Use

Digital advertising has been shown to be significantly cheaper than offline marketing so it is essential to evaluate your plan and create a budget that will set you up for success. The avenues you choose to allocate the majority of your budget should also give you the highest return at the end of the campaign. In order to maximize this potential we recommend to run multiple interactive digital marketing channels across the board; with the help of and our intent-based solutions, you will be able to target customers effectively. 

Set up Ads Using

Once you have set up your goals, curated your target market, and decided on your budget, you are ready to set up ads with and experience a frictionless on-boarding process. Diversifying in the marketplace will allow you to reach new customers and achieve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) targets. With the help of our performance technology, will increase your customer acquisition and efficiently increase ROAS. 

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